ED Global Telehealth Booth

As a global visionary in the healthcare sector, we need to think of access as everything. True freedom is achieved when we share and make healthcare access and education possible for those that still lack it, so that they can live and enjoy the great benefits of good health and wellness as much as we do. This is what energise us as a company to do what we do and this is our big WHY Giscard R. Minlend, Chairman & CEO.

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We are proud to be a 100% HIPAA compliant and certified Telehealth “Facilitator” platform. All our workers from receptionists to life coach psychologists and healthcare professionals including wellness experts are required to certify through our learning portal in partnership with Jefferson Philadelphia University & Thomas Jefferson University. This allows us to provide better and satisfactory care and services to all our clients and partners around the world. Just as our motto statement “Safer people, healthier people”; we want the Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM to be a safe haven for people whenever they come in for a consultation with a wellness expert or healthcare professional.

Telehealth Booth Feature 1 ( Dynamic )

Catering to its audience, the Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM utilizes technology that is dynamic, simple, applicable to any environment and capable of enhancing patients’ privacy, comfort and convenience all at once. Patients are able to interactively engage into communication with Healthcare professional or wellness experts of their choice via a screen or specialized Augmented Reality glasses.

Our pool of healthcare professionals, life coaches and wellness experts are highly qualified and respected in their individual fields, which gives us an edge for excellence and align us to become the panacea for people who lack access to 21st century healthcare information in both developed and sub-saharan Africa markets.

Telehealth Booth Feature 2 ( Techno Savvy )

“According to the World Health Organization, more than half of early child deaths (under the age of 15) are due to conditions that could be prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions. My goal in creating the Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM (Children Version) was not so technology can become more techno savvy for the kids, but I saw that the way to get them really interested in sciences and their healthcare was to create an environment that looks like them with some technology and healthcare components added. And I truly believe that we win thrice because we are able to educate them on preventive healthcare and sciences, they learn, and then are prepared to live healthier and longer.” Giscard R. Minlend, Inventor & Ceo

Telehealth-Booth | edglobal-telehealth.org