ED Global Telehealth Innovations

From the very beginning, we could clearly see that to be a game changer and to gain momentum in an industry mainly dominated by reactive health care that we would need to have technology that is simple, engaging, responsible, and educational.

The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM is all encompassing by taking on a holistic and preventative approach to healthcare. Both adults and children can feel at ease while responsibly engaging in their own health and wellbeing. Our consultation platform encourages a patient-health provider relationship that is preventative and holistic. This approach allows us to limit the risk factors of untimely death caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM comes in two different versions. One is specifically designed for adults and the other one is specifically designed for children.

The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM (Adult Version) is intended to be used by those seeking first hand healthcare and wellness advice. It will allow adults to spot early signs of non-communicable diseases during health care check-ups. The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM will educate patients about the causes of many illnesses which will then give them the knowledge and ability to prevent these illnesses. This will greatly reduce health care issues and health care costs.

Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM

The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM (Patent Pending) is the first ever eco-friendly, infrared sauna compatible, mobile, and versatile telehealth platform that can be customized specifically for..

Egg Doctor - Telehealth BoothTM (Youth Version)

There is currently no telehealth model that specifically targets children under the age of fourteen. The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM (Youth Version) is unique in the telehealth industry as it provides an..

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Egg Doctor - Telehealth BoothTM - Medical Equipments

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