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"Problems wouldn't be part of our lives if in some way, shape or form we were not part of the solutions. In as much as we can, let's become more of the solutions than the problems."E.D Global Telehealth.

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World wide Issues Affecting Healthcare Today.

Access, quality and cost-effectiveness are key healthcare issues for both developed and developing countries.

  • Approximately half of the world's population, which is 7.7 billion still lack access to essential health care service, which places this population at greater risk of illness and disease. (Source: World Bank and World Health Organization).
  • 800 million people spend at least 10% of their household budgets on health expenses. This expenditure is high enough to push 100 million of these people into poverty, forcing them to survive on $1.90 or less a day (Source: 2017 Global Monitoring Report).
  • Approximately 75% of spending on healthcare in the US relates to reactive healthcare. The industry is unfortunately characterized by a reactive rather than preventative approach. (Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
ED Global Telehealth - Telehealth-Booth | edglobal-telehealth.org
our solution
Our solution to Healthcare's problems.
The Egg Doctor Telehealth Booth (Patent Pending) will improve access to healthcare delivery in underserved regions while using a holistic approach. Our product is the first ever telehealth platform to use augmented reality (AR) and hologram technologies that focuses on preventative healthcare while it captures the attention of children and adults. According to the World Health Organization, Malaria kills more than one million children a year, 2,800 per day in Africa alone. As the lighthouse of health care we will reach out to those in need and we will give them a platform to access preventative healthcare information.

Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM

E.D Telehealth BoothTM has many unique features! We are proud to be the first ever eco-friendly,versatile and energy efficient Telehealth booth consisting of a full solar panel system,powered wind turbine as well as indoor sauna infrared. The compendious view of the booth is made of almost 80% bamboo, which symbolizes harmony and balance in one's life. The "egg" shape of the booth is a reminder of life and intimacy. The Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM goal is to transform lives positively through healthcare access and education. Focusing on preventative and holistic approach to Telehealth, we simplify technology to make healthcare learning and consultations fun and enjoyable for both children (under 15 years of age) and adults.

Telehealth-Booth | edglobal-telehealth.org
Egg Doctor Telehealth Booth - Mobile Img

Egg Doctor Telehealth MobileTM

E.D Telehealth MobileTM is a user friendly telehealth mobile application designed to reach out to urban populations, students, faculty communities, travelers and students abroad who needs to keep track with their health.The convenience and great features offered by this platform allow androids and iphones lovers to have better control of their health and wellbeing habits.

Egg Doctor Drinking 4 HealthTM

Water is vital to the well-being of a healthy adult. The balance between water intake or loss and electrolytes is essential for a healthy adult. Studies have reported that 1 to 2 % of adults experience impaired cognitive performance and this impacts their memory and their psycho-motor functioning. Drinking 4 HealthTM is a wholly owned subsidiary of E.D Global Telehealth LLC.

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